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The regions — All State audition area


rev drum

The Drum that Won the War

This new addition to RMDS is the sound of history. This custom made Civil War drum has a sound unlike any other. Come in to play a march like the patriots did and you'll know why not only is RMDS teaching musical tecnique we teach musical history.




Instruction and individualized private lessons for Drums in our comfortable, on-site studio facilities from teachers who KNOW how it's done! We will tailor lessons exactly to the needs and level of the individual, from absolute beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. What's more, we know how to make learning a musical instrument FUN!

We now offer Mallet and instruction on all percussion instruments, to help get you prepared for Regional and
All-State Band Auditions!

Rob McNamara has over 35 years of professional experience performing on drums, and 19 years of private teaching experience. With this kind of experience, we believe we know what works when it comes to teaching Drums and music in general! His goal is to produce the best drummers in New Jersey.
“A band is only as good as it’s drummer”– Rob McNamara

Read a bit about Robbie Mac's approach to teaching music and just give us a call at (908) 305-3391 or drop us line! rojosound@hotmail.com

Robbie Mac's Approach to Teaching Drums
Here are just a few of the areas we cover:
1. Sight Reading
2. Independent Hand and stick control
3. The Complete Drumset
4. Double Bass
5. Odd Timings 
6. Interpretation
7. All Styles
8. Beginner to Advanced
9. Private Studio Setting with 2 full drum sets for the visual aspect of learning
10. We RECORD our students periodically in our professional recording studio to monitor their progress,
      and provide a finished CD of their work.
11. Mallet and all percussion instruments to help you prepare for Regional and All-State Band auditions.


We're pleased to announce that Gary Van Scyoc will be teaching guitar and bass lessons at Robbie Mac's Drum Studio. Gary has been teaching and performing for over 40 years. His performance and recording credits include John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Garcia, Neil Sedaka, Keith Moon and Paul Simon.

He is featured in John Lennon's "Live in N.Y.C." Gary also appears in the
feature film 'Imagine", and the documentaries "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" and "John Lennon the New York Years". Chuck Berry's "Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll".

As a singer/songwriter Gary has also recorded with his own groups, the Dynatones on Hanna Barbera records, Pig Iron on Columbia records and Elephants Memory on Apple records.

Gary received his B.A. in Music from The City University of New York in 1990. He also studied privately with Ed Lord (Glenn Miller Orchestra), Gerald Jemmott (Aretha Franklin) and Richard Davis (Miles Davis). As an educator, Gary wrote the bass curriculum for The Sam Ash Music Institute as well as being a member of the faculty he served as one of the Directors.

In 1996 he started Bass Styles Inc. a contemporary school for bass studies where students may receive private instruction in reading, theory, ear training and recording techniques. His latest projects include recording with Steve Gadd and Jim Keltner.




John McNamara,
U.S. Pacific Fleet Band Performs Ciri Koto for Fijians

John McNamara Drum Solo,
at 2008's prestigous Governors School


The McNamara Brothers, Robbie & John: The Dueling Drummers,
John and Robbie in an unforgettable performance!

John McNamara Drum Solo at ROJO SOUND



VARUN DAS - Drum Cover - HARD WIRED by Dave Weckl


On Febuary 17th 2010, Dom Famularo held an event at The Hard Rock Cafe in New York City to host The Jim Chapin Memorial Teachers Scholorship Award Show. I was asked to be part of this great event. Dom Famularo has been my Teacher and also my mentor. The last drum teacher, Russ Moy who had been my teacher and preparing me for a life in music had become ill in the last few years, he was unable to play anymore. Dom thought it would be a great service to Russ If I had presented him with a Life Time Achievement Award for his Contribution and his unending dedication to the art of drumming. Dom thought it would be a Great thing to do because a few years back, Russ Moy Presented Jim Chapin with a Life time Achievement Award for his dedication in Drumming and writing one of the best drum books in the world. Dom also asked my 2 boys John and Robbie to also present the award since they both Studied with Russ. In attendance were Bernard Purdie, Joe Morello, Sam Ulano and Ed Shaughnessy of The Johnny Carson Show. All of these drumming legends came out for Russ's the occasion. I must say, it was a very emotional moment for everyone when we presented the award. People in the audience also included JoJo Mayor, Anton Fig, Antonio Sanchez, Carmen Appice, Joe Bergamini and Steve Gadd. A highlight was Steve Gadd had finally been able to meet Joe Morello. It was a special evening to presenting an award to a great teacher. Thank you Dom!  — Robbie McNamara






"This was excellent! Great going!"
Dom Famularo – World-Renowned Drummer on Robbie Mac Drum Studio's Animation Intro

Onward and Upward... Dom Famularo www.DomFamularo.com

"Robert, your teaching with all your students is Inspiring! Guide them and keep your passion burning!

Dom Famularo – on Robbie's teaching

I just wanted to say thanks so much.  Honestly, out of all of the private teachers on all of the instruments, you have proven to be the most reliable and effective reference I have.  Thanks so much for your hard work.  The kids that hook up with your teaching end up loving their instrument (first importance) and they exhibit clear, unquestionable growth.  Whatever you are doing, keep doing it :)

I also wanted to say thank you so much for your generous and gracious thank you notes that you have sent.  So unnecessary and yet super kind.  (Just a funny thing: My fam doesn't frequent Charlie Browns but we went because of your gift and the youngest of my 3 kids, Connor, says that it's his "favorite restaurant" ever since we went that time.  I told him the gift was from you even though he doesn't know who you are.  Thanks for blessing my family. Time with them is the tops in my book.)

Well, thanks again and know that your work doesn't go unnoticed.  Hope you are pleased with what you do because it makes a HUGE difference to a lot of people.

Sal Fossa – Woodrow Wilson MS in Edison

The actual placements and rankings came out for All Eastern. And I'm 1st overall. Just sharing this amazing news. Couldn't have gotten here without you and can't thank you enough. 

Varun Das – Student

Rob is a fantastic music teacher.  He hs a real passion for his art and for sharing it with others through instruction. My 3rd grade son absolutely loves going to his drum lessons.  He has rapidly progressed in all aspects including music theory and sight reading. Each lesson includes time on practice pads and a full drum kit. The lessons are fun and the results are remarkable. I would strongly recommend Rob's music lessons to people of all ages and skill levels. 

Alan Zimbalist – Parent of student

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to many of our students who are preparing for Region Band Auditions. Just wanted to send you a quick “THANK YOU” for the work you’ve done with Jack, Michael and Lucy. The percussion audition can be a daunting one… but your students are always well prepared, well informed, and meticulous about the smallest details of performance. 

Thanks for all you do to help them (and the Westfield band program!)

Trevor Sindorf – Band Director, Westfield High School 





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